Congratulations to our Recreate-a-Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Class of 2013’s Recreate-a-Photo Contest! Check out their fantastic recreations below, and thanks to everyone who voted and all the wonderful submissions!

First Place: The Last Supper, 30-36 AD, 2010 AD, 2012 AD: Rebecca Margolies, Talia Fox, Coulter King, Mark Thomas, Grace Sun, Sarah Berlow, Meher Iqbal, Siva Sundaram, Miranda Beltzer, Cerianne Robertson, Laura Hinton, Eric Justin, Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya, Christina Guo

Second Place: Blocking Group 232: Carlyle Davis, Olivia Staffon, Taylor Docter, Dean Dingman, Natasha Kingshott, Maya Anderson, Lissa Pinnkas and Anjali Itzkowitz.

Third Place: Freshman-Senior Pyramid: Suvai Gunasekaran, Ana Martin-Caughey, Gina Lee, Jesse Downing, Christian Garcia, Yacoub Kureh, and Krishna Dasaratha

Winners – be on the lookout for a notification of your awesome prizes!

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