Class of 2013 Newsletter: Last Senior Standing, Senior Swag, and More

Hi 2013!

Welcome back to campus! Senior Spring has officially begun, and there are a lot of interesting events, initiatives, and information on the radar. Hopefully you’ve seen our 13 things to do in 2013 – get ready to kick them off with ice skating at Frog Pond and HPT senior night; tickets for both will go on sale this week, so look out for an email from your house rep. In addition, check out the fun stuff below!

In This Newsletter:

1) Last Senior Standing Starts! (2/1)
2) Winter Swag Order Closes Friday (2/1)
3) Graduation Information

Last Senior Standing Starts! (2/1)

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: Will you be the last senior standing?

The first bar for Last Senior Standing will be Friday, February 1st from 9-11 PM at Fajitas and ‘Ritas in Boston near the Park Street Stop on the Red Line.

General Overview of Last Senior Standing: There will be a number of bars each month, and each month’s bars will be announced in the last week of the preceding month. Check out and add the SCC calendar to your Google calendar here to stay in the loop!

  • The senior who attends the most senior bars in the Spring of 2013 will be crowned the Last Senior Standing.
  • To register attendance, a senior must sign in with the SCC member present at the entrance of the bar before the end of the night.
  • Get ready for special discounts, current standings, and awesome prizes as well!

Winter Swag Order Closes Friday (2/1)
There is only one week left to place your order. The winter order features 5 exclusive Class of 2013 items: the classic H sweatshirt, sweatpants, Patagonias, Nike Dri-FITs, and mugs. These items won’t be available for order past the Friday, February 1st deadline. Order now!

Graduation Information

As spring picks up, it is time to begin thinking about graduation. We wanted to share some graduation information with you, and we will keep you updated as the spring proceeds and more specific details about Commencement and Senior Week are finalized.

As always, reach out to any member of your Senior Class Committee or email us at to share any questions, feedback, or ideas!


Francis Thumpasery
2013 Class Secretary

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