2013 Senior Week: Overview

Hi Seniors,

As we go through Senior Week and the graduation events, you will receive a short daily newsletter going over key information to help you make the most of this great time. The first one will come out tonight! Throughout the next two weeks definitely feel free to reach out with any questions. 12 days until graduation!

In This Newsletter:

1) Senior Week bundle pickup (TODAY, 5/18)
2) Some notes on Senior Week
3) Swag notes

Senior Week bundle pickup (TODAY, 5/18)

Where: Ticknor Lounge
When: TODAY, Saturday, May 18th from 12-6 PM
Why: Pick up your convenience and super bundles in Ticknor! Individual tickets for events can still be purchased at the Harvard Box Office until 6 PM the day before the event or until it sells out. There are a few exceptions: Moonlight Cruise and Last Chance Dance tickets will be sold day-of as well, but BBQ tickets only will be sold until the 24th (two days before the event). SEF tickets are available until 72 hours before an event or until it sells out.

Moonlight Cruise, Last Chance Dance, and Senior Soiree have limited capacity, so buy those tickets ASAP if you have not done so yet and are interested.

Some notes on Senior Week

Below are a few key notes to keep in mind as we go through Senior Week:

1) Have proper government-issued identification (and your Harvard ID if applicable) for events (you must be 21+ for the Moonlight Cruise and Last Chance Dance and 21+ to drink at others)
2) If drinking, please be responsible; people who are visibly drunk will not be able to get into events. Also, do not bring alcohol to events
3) If you purchased a bundle, be careful with your wristband; it will not be replaced if lost

Swag notes

Where: In your house
When: Now
Why: A lot of the spring swag is in! You should have received an email from your house rep with pickup opportunities, but please follow up with him/her if you have not had a chance to pick up your swag yet.

As always, reach out to any member of your Senior Class Committee or email us at harvard2013.scc@gmail.com to share any questions, feedback, or ideas!


Francis Thumpasery
2013 Class Secretary

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