2013 Senior Week: Luau, Last Chance Dance, and More!

Hi Seniors,

We hope everyone enjoyed watching their fellow talented seniors perform at the Senior Talent Show. Today will bring more festivities with the Luau and the much-anticipated Last Chance Dance!

In This Newsletter:

1) Luau Details (today, 5/23)
2) Last Chance Dance Details (tonight, 5/23)
3) Senior Desk Reminder

Luau Details (today, 5/23)

Where: Pforzheimer House (NOTE: changed location due to weather)
When: Today, Thursday, May 23rd from 4-6:30 PM
Why: Enjoy music, food, and beer in Pforzheimer and spend some quality time with fellow Seniors in a relaxed setting. Stick around after eating to hear The Nostalgics play from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Pfoho Dining Hall. Please note: You must be 21+ and have a valid state ID or passport to be served beer.

Last Chance Dance Details (tonight, 5/23)

Where: Royale (279 Tremont St.)
When: Tonight, Thursday, May 23rd from 10 PM-2 AM
Why: Just as our time at Harvard started with the First Chance Dance, it comes to a close at the Last Chance Dance – this is a chance to get together as a class and make a few more memories. Some key notes:

1) The theme is stoplight – dress in red if taken, green if available and interested, and yellow if you are somewhere in between
2) You must be 21+ to attend and have government-issued ID
3) There will be shuttle buses running from Royale back to Harvard Square after the event
4) Tickets are almost sold out. Get them at the box office today if you have not already–no tickets sold at the door.

Senior Desk Reminder

Where: HAA, 6th Floor
When: Weekdays from now until May 29th, 11 AM-3 PM
Why: Come pick up your Commencement tickets! Make sure to fill out Dean Hammonds’ survey at least 24 hours before going (and fill out the Crimson Senior Survey while you are at it). The lines will get very long as Commencement approaches, so go early!

As always, reach out to any member of your Senior Class Committee or email us at harvard2013.scc@gmail.com to share any questions, feedback, or ideas!


Francis Thumpasery
2013 Class Secretary

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