2013 Graduation: Commencement

Hi Seniors,

Tomorrow is Commencement. As we enjoy our last few moments as undergraduates, take a moment to look over what is to come tomorrow so that you can enjoy all of the festivities.

In This Newsletter:

1) Senior Class Chapel Service
2) Senior Procession
3) Commencement Morning Exercises
4) Lunch and Diploma Presentation
5) Alumni Parade
6) Afternoon Program and HAA Annual Meeting

Senior Class Chapel Service

Where: Memorial Church
When: Thursday, May 30th from 7:45-8:15 AM
Why: Come for one final gathering as seniors before graduation in Tercentenary Theatre. Please arrive in regalia by 7:45 AM.

Senior Procession

Where: Old Yard
When: Thursday, May 30th at 8:15 AM
Why: Go to the Old Yard immediately after the Chapel Service and follow instructions to line up with your house (look for house signs) and process into Tercentenary Theatre.

Commencement Morning Exercises

Where: Tercentenary Theatre
When: Thursday, May 30th from 9:45-11:30 AM
Why: Partake in the Harvard’s 362nd Commencement. Regalia and HUID allow admission for seniors, while tickets are required for other guests. The Commencement Exercises can also be viewed in the Science Center or in some houses (check with your house administrator).

Lunch and Diploma Presentation

Where: In each house
When: Thursday, May 30th from 12-2 PM
Why: Enjoy lunch and the house diploma ceremony; each senior has three complementary lunch tickets, and additional tickets are $15 each.

Alumni Parade

Where: Harvard Hall
When: Thursday, May 30th at 1:45 PM
Why: Form up with the rest of the Class of 2013 to parade before the HAA Annual Meeting. No regalia needed for the parade.

Afternoon Program and HAA Annual Meeting

Where: Tercentenary Theatre
When: Thursday, May 30th from 2:30-4 PM
Why: Take part in HAA alumni activities and listen to the featured Commencement speaker, Oprah Winfrey, speak.

As always, reach out to any member of your Senior Class Committee or email us at harvard2013.scc@gmail.com to share any questions, feedback, or ideas!


Francis Thumpasery
2013 Class Secretary

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