February 28, 2013

Class Day

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For seniors and guests, featuring the presentation of the Ames Awards, the Harvard and Ivy Orations, and the Class Ode, sung to the tune of “Fair Harvard.” A remarkable display of eloquence and entertainment by fellow classmates, complemented by the 2013 Class Day speaker.

Full Class Day Video

Guest Speaker: Soledad O’Brien

Photo courtesy of the Harvard Gazette


The Senior Class Committee would like to thank Soledad O’Brien, CNN News Correspondent and Harvard Class of ’88/’00, for joining us as our featured guest speaker on Class Day! Thank you for sharing your insights, and we are so happy to have had the honor of sharing your (and our) first Class Day.
Student Speakers

The Senior Class Committee is proud to announce the 2013 Class Day Orators. See full press release in The Crimson.

Photo Courtesy of the Harvard Gazette

Pictured above, from left to right:

Harvard Male Orator: Damilare Sonoiki
Harvard Female Orator: Julie Zauzmer
Ivy Female OratorBlythe Roberson
Ivy Male Orator: Phil Gillen


Thank you to Kristina Latino (right) and team for presenting the Class Ode! The Class Ode consists of two original verses about our class set to the tune of “Fair Harvard” on Class Day.

Written by: Kristina Frances Latino ’13
Performed by: Zachary Nathaniel Bernstein ’13, Michael Robert Caldwell ’13, Matthew James Devino ’13, Kristina Frances Latino ’13, Amy Hopfield Lifland ’13, Jennifer Lynn Martin ’13, and Leah Reis-Dennis ’13

Dear Classmates, we stand at the end of our years
And we look to the time that arrives,
While we always remember the changes we saw
To new adventures we must now strive.
The first with Gen Ed and a J-Term to love,
Harvard’s birthday we danced in the storm,
The houses began their renewal this year
Science Center and Fogg are transformed.

Through these outwardly changes we hold some things fast,
In our hearts dedication to friends
Who though parting from this Yard will still carry on,
’Cross the years love for Crimson we’ll tend.
Look to our history, long but not yet complete,
Years behind and before us immense,
With great thanks to our mentors and dreams still untold
Two thousand thirteen, we commence.

Ames Award


Congratulations to Victor Flores, Jr. and Sarah Lytle!

This very prestigious honor was granted to one man and one woman of the senior class during the Class Day ceremonies, on the day before Commencement.

On June 19, 1935, Richard Glover Ames and Henry Russell Ames, brothers and Harvard students, gave their lives to save their father, who was washed overboard during a storm off the coast of Newfoundland. Every year since, the Ames Award has been given in their memory to recognize one man and one woman who have shown energy in helping others and who exhibit the same heroic character and inspiring leadership of the Ames brothers.

While Harvard students are often commended for their many achievements, this award is unique in striving to identify individuals whose substantial contributions have not been acknowledged. In effect, the goal of this award is to honor two unsung heroes of the Class of 2013. We welcome nominations of seniors whom you consider worthy of such an honor, whether their service has impacted the community inside or outside of Harvard, on a large or small scale. We ask for your help in bringing their stories, and the lesser-known facets of our classmates’ personalities, to light. At the same time, please do not hesitate to nominate individuals who may already have received some recognition for holding leadership positions in organizations or activities.

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