Senior Gift


Dear Class of 2013,

During our senior spring, 1,190 of us chose to make a gift, marking the 2nd highest participation rate in Senior Gift history. We looked back at our four years and paid it forward for current and future students so that they too can have the same great opportunities that we enjoyed.

By now, we have left the Harvard bubble, but we have not left the Harvard community. In fact we are just beginning to be welcomed into the alumni communities in our respective areas. We encourage you all to stay involved with Harvard and to give back to the place we called home for four years. Harvard relies on annual support from thousands of alumni each year to continue to innovate and maintain core programmatic needs. We hope that you will continue to pay it forward in the years ahead, just as we did this spring.

Thank you again for your generous support this past year, and we look forward to working with you all again soon.

All the best,

Gresa, Schuyler, Catie, Danni, and Lillian
2013 Gift Committee Co-Chairs


Harvard’s new fiscal year starts on July 1, 2014.
Make Your FY14 Gift

Many employers will match the charitable contributions that you make, essentially doubling the impact of your gift. To see if your company matches gifts to Harvard, click here.